HARTECH GROUP Machining Partners

Quintus Technology

World leader in high pressure technology and specializes in the design, manufacturing, installation, and support of high pressure systems for sheet metal forming and densification of advanced materials and critical industrial components.


Mitsui Seiki


The most sophisticated, precise machine tools on the planet

Saacke Tool Grinders

Manufacture of Tool Cutter Grinders. Specializing in 9 Axis tool grinding.

Cyril Bath

World leader providing full solutions for sheet and extrusion stretch forming technologies for the commercial and military Aerospace industry.  These solutions encompass complimentary products including machines, tools, simulation software, turnkey workshops, part productions.


With more than 60 years in the market and more than 200 machines installed in the USA, GURUTZPE TURNING SOLUTIONS is considered as one of the most important manufacturers of Heavy Duty CNC horizontal lathes


Innse-Berardi is a specialist in the engineering, production and commissioning of high-performance, technically advanced machine tools for highly demanding industries, including energy, transportation, aeronautics and aerospace.

Fives G&L

(G&L, Cincinnati, Henry Line) Largest selection of US based machine tools.

Campbell Grinders

Campbell Grinder Company is an American leader in providing fully customizable grinding machines. Each grinder that leaves our factory is the result of hundreds of hours of engineering based around the best method to produce our customers' parts.

Itec tube

Itec is the trusted partner that the industry turns to for tube fabrication and tube bending machines. From concept to delivery and beyond, we are committed to your project, no matter the size

HARTECH GROUP Additive/Subtractive Partners


World leader in reimagining what’s possible in 3D printing, reaching for new levels of realism, accuracy, speed, and performance. Learn how Stratasys innovations help the world’s leading companies gain business agility and competitive advantage.



Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, Ingersoll Machine Tools is a leader in advanced manufacturing processes and a global supplier of additive and subtractive machine tools for the aerospace, defence, energy and all heavy industrial sectors.


NVision provides unique 3D scanners, software and contract services for reverse engineering, high quality non-contact inspection / gagging and rapid prototyping.

HARTECH GROUP Case by Case Partners

MC Machinery

Mitsubishi expertise in virtually every aspect of metalworking—laser cutting, EDM, milling, lathes and press brakes.


Today, as a united front, both the Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS brands will work to continue their tradition as the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions.


AddEaten is the marrage of the two top Tube bending companies, Eaten Leonard and Addison Mckee 


WaldrichSiegen is the world's leading supplier of heavy-duty machine tools in the field of milling, turning, grinding, texturing and boring.

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